Empowering Women

"There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise."

-W.E.B. Du bois

SGA empowers women by asking what they need most, not telling them what we think they need. For some, that may mean securing a clean and reliable source of water, for others it could mean enabling them to produce their own food for consumption and sale. For all, it means a more independent future, where they can fulfill their mission of supporting the children in their care, without having to rely solely on foreign aid or government funding. 

Through SGA's interactions with the women running orphanages they proved themselves to be a beautiful mixture of determination, optimism, and strength. We want to be the bridge that unites their passion for the children with the tools needed to fulfill the vision they have for the future they could provide those children.

It's difficult to fully express how incredible these women are. Check out this video of our founder telling some of what she has experienced.